Your love for your family knows no bounds.
To show that love, make a plan to protect and keep your family together, even when you are gone.

When you are ready to begin planning, Alerian Hall's unique background as a financial advisor and her commitment to her clients differentiate her from other estate planners. 

Alerian provides comprehensive estate planning legal services, including:

  • Preparing documents, including:
    • wills
    • trusts
    • living wills/ health care directives
    • durable powers of attorney
    • medical powers of attorney
    • professional wills (for psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, etc.)
    • special needs trusts
  • Recommending strategies to :
    • maximize investments and minimize tax liability
    • maximize gift, Federal estate, Washington State estate, and GST tax exclusions and exemptions
    • manage your insurance portfolio
  • Representing clients in probate proceedings
  • Estate planning for unmarried couples and domestic partnerships
Learn more about a better way to plan or call Alerian directly at (206)-923-9356.
The Law Office of Alerian Hall, Inc. is conveniently located in the Tangletown (south of Green Lake) neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.  There is free parking.  I do not do informational interviews, but I am happy to discuss your situation and concerns over the phone before meeting face to face.